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Ressha Sentai ToQger Episode 1 Summary


From dukemon22:

Episode 1:
Title- N/A
Airs- 2/16/14

As a group of innocent children are playing, an alarm whistle is suddenly heard from nowhere. Then, Black Rails emerge forth from one of the buildings, and the Ressha of the Shadow Line, Kurainer, appears. The children disappear.

"Thank you for riding this train. This train is for the spiriting away of any bratty children to parts unknown."

The Kaijin of “Shadow” had kidnapped these children, who began to cry out in fear. However, amongst the cries of fear is a heard a “large snore.” There, kidnapped amongst the children was the young man, Right.

Suddenly, Rainbow Rails appear, and with it another train, chasing the Kurainer.

"That Train, the Rainbow Line!" exclaims the Kaijin. The two trains begin to fight. The children are in fear, but Right is having the time of his life. "This is kind of like a roller coaster, huh?!"

Riding on the Rainbow Line are 4 individuals (ToQ2Go, ToQ3Go, ToQ4Go, and ToQ5Go) who call themselves “ToQGer.” The ToQGer and the Kaijin do battle.

Right’s reaction- “Awesome! Those guys are so awesome! All right, I’ll fight too!” However, due to the Kaijin’s attack, Right passes out.

When Right finally awakens, he finds before him four people- Mio. Hikari. Tokatti. Kagura. Somehow, the true identities of the ToQGer are Right’s childhood friends.

The Conductor explains- Within the shadows of the world lies the “Shadow Line”, a group of individuals who desire to wrap the world in darkness. The existence which opposes them is the Rainbow Line, the power of humanity’s dreams given form; the power to imagine. If Right has the Imagination inside of him, he can be a ToQGer too!


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